Coimbra University Sucks

(this is a google translation of one of my posts - I'm not in the mood to translate it all. I'd suggest you to take your time and have a look at this blog in all the posts that refer to the UC, ENEM, ESTUDAR EM COIMBRA and then have your own translation, ok?)

First of all, we love living in Coimbra.

But we have to be honest about some things.


All right, we came here to do masters and doctorate, and let's get going. Is it bad? Yes, and why I never mentioned this before? In principle, because it is difficult to speak ill of your own course. In off always talked to anyone who asked us about the quality of education here, but is overtly complicated. Then roll the question: why then talk now?

Because UC - and other colleges too - opened registration for Brazilian students (and other foreigners also) having ENEM - national high school exam - as "buccal" but with the "detail" that, coming thus the Brazilians will pay SEVEN THOUSAND EUROS per year, while the Portuguese pay 1,080. Seeing this and knowing that a lot of people can come to fall in confidence trick, we thought it good to kick the tent pole and bring the "shit" to the fan.

The University of Coimbra is not worthy, NEVER 7,000 EURO PER YEAR! In some course! The quality of teaching is very weak ... Standard, not very good,  private colleges in Brazil. Classes are at the base of the spit-and-chalk, without any discussion, without any incentive to research (or even in the undergraduate and masters tell by the way), students study all on the basis of slides - rarely staff reads papers or buy textbooks. Teachers are EXTREMELY weak in general are anachronistic and ill-prepared, and are mostly completely from the labor market and the industry in which they teach (worth a detail person: UC has this feature, unlike other universities . around here, not to be foundation This means that there is very little scope for changing teachers - who are in their positions forever, good or not - and bring teachers out is a birth, so that almost no classes or teachers invited foreign). Besides bad, teachers are also accommodated and arrogant life, not allowing (or scowling for the student) who ask questions or inquiries during class ...

After all, the poor people of backpacks this fall siren will suffer the devil to legalize the diploma later in Brazil! Worth well in other EU countries, apart of course from Portugal, but in Brazil it is good, neca. Will be 2 or 3 or more years of labor to achieve legalize it there, and worse, in some cases - such as medicine or law - imply taking tests or revalidate with the OAB. And nobody talks about it in the ads that I saw on the UC such an "offer" to Brazilians.

It is worth mentioning that this "offer", in my view VIOLA radically PRINCIPLE OF EQUALITY AND THE TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN BRAZIL AND PORTUGAL, which is why I imagine there will be among the Muggles who fall in this tale of the vicar, some more smart, trigger Justice to demand equal treatment with the Portuguese, after all, the treaty is in force and can not be deleted so easily.

But is not worth it for anyone? Of course it's worth. If you decided to do Medicine in Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay and etc, as I have seen many people doing, better do here. Will pay more or less the same thing (I imagine) and will have a training more or less equal (to have the idea so much that here is bad!), But with at least a degree that will allow you to work in many first world countries. Perhaps the same holds for Dental and other college in Brazil are overpriced and where, in general, teaching in private (with his good exceptions, of course) is weak.

Just to be clear: do not hate Portugal, the Portuguese have no anger, no rage have UC, I have no personal problem with them or the country, but I think it's time personnel be aware of where trouble might be getting into by a value that is definitely not fair and not worth the education that will.

PS: we have colleagues in various fields, from medicine, through Physical Education, Law, Business Administration, Nursing, Engineering, Programming, and the terrible concept of UC is general. Of course no one is manifested, it would be spitting on the diploma itself, but it's time to prevent personnel commit a blunder.

PS2: the value that will pay here, Brazilian students can go to study almost anywhere in the world, having the advantage of learning another language and, perhaps, have an education it provides.

PS3: In other Portuguese universities, where we had contact with Master's or doctoral students, UC is laughed at, its anachronisms (here, for example, should be directed to the teacher by Professor Dr or be warned), his claim to be good, the teaching in general and weak students fare in the labor market.




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  4. (esto es una traducción de Google de uno de mis mensajes -. Yo no estoy de humor para traducir todo te sugiero que tome su tiempo y echar un vistazo a este blog en todos los mensajes que se refieren a la UC, ENEM, Estudar EM COIMBRA y luego tienen su propia traducción, ok?)

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    (這是我的職位之一的谷歌翻譯 - 我沒有心情來翻譯這一切我建議你把你的時間,看看這個博客中所有提及到UC的職位, ENEM,ESTUDAR EM COIMBRA,然後讓你自己翻譯的,好嗎?)


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