For those that don't speak portuguese

Hi there,

Well, first of all, thanks for the interest in our humble blog. It's mostly about our life abroad, although, since we're living in Coimbra, Portugal, it's mostly about our life here. But there's plenty of information about our travels through Europe and how it's living in a foreign country with a different culture. 

If you have interest in Portugal, Coimbra, Coimbra University, living in a foreign country, traveling to other countries, then this blog might be of use to you.

Most of our posts are exclusively in portuguese - some have a (horrible!!) Bing or Google translation, due to the fact that I'm lazy and to write everything in two or three languages is a pain in the butt! BUT, we have a way that might help you... down bellow there's a button that translates all written stuff to your language, whichever it is. :)

Wanna take a trip with us?!

Best regards,

Coração (Heart).


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